Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Raining Gwyn!

Apparently Glee heard how much it annoyed me and wanted to win me back. So they want and got Gwyneth Paltrow to guest star!
She'll be in an ep in two weeks and wait for this, she's doing Umbrella! But wait there's more! She's doing a mash-up of Umbrella and Singin' in the Rain!
That's like three of my favorite things of all time rolled up into one big package! It was about time Ryan Murphy gave me something to be gleeful about! (Hardy har har)

Are you excited to see Gwyn on the small screen? I for one, thought she hated TV sets, like her BFF Madonna she seems to be against things us mortals couldn't do without. This month she actually seems to LOVE TV, she'll also appear in the CMA's performing the song from her new movie! I do hope we have a Gwyn invasion for the rest of the year! Don't you?


Robert said...

Yea! This is so exciting! This actually piques my interest in Glee again. Awww. Gwyn.

Lucas Dantas said...

ok i loooooooooooooove gwyn! you know i do. but i think i'll just watch the clip of her performance on youtube. it's not that i'm comparing or anything, but if britney spears couldn't revive my interest in glee i doubt gwyn.

Simon said...

She's also doing radio-edit 'Fuck You'. This will not stand.