Sunday, July 4, 2010

Style Sunday.

I can't stand Kristen Stewart but damn does she look great in this RM by Roland Mouret sequined minidress.
Stewart has remained as uncreative as ever and has hot every red carpet, TV show and premiere of the new Twilight in short dresses (in either black or white) with high heels.
Yet this is the one look that has transcended, given how she even looks *gasp* comfortable!


Castor said...

I can't say I'm a big fan of her either. I'm starting to think that her Twilight persona is actually the real her and this has been confirmed every time I see her in an interview or talk show.

Jose said...

I know right?
She always looks so annoyed and ungrateful as if we all should thank the lord every day for having her with us.
With that said, she does look great in this huh?

Castor said...

Well she regularly does and usually has the good sense of not showing too much skin. But then, she is not a model ;)

Danny King said...

I happen to enjoy her acting as well as her looks.