Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sheet-y Saturday.

Where we take a look at posters for upcoming features.

James Cameron is a real sweet guy.
Despite the fact that Avatar made a trillion dollars when it was released last year, he knows there's people who didn't get to see it (like my roommate) or some who just want to relive the experience all over again (it was truly worth it as a moviegoing trip).
Of course Cameron wants to give us even more so he's added extra footage.
Avatar will be re-released on cinemas in August, in obvious preparation for the humongous DVD set coming later during the year.

This poster is unremarkable and pretty standard.
But just how lovely is Patricia Clarkson?

What do you think about getting more Avatar or would you skip it to watch Patty?


J.D. said...

Patty, always.

Jose said...

Can't say I blame you.
I only saw "Avatar" twice but feel like I saw it at least 8. They made sure I got sick of it.

Luke said...

Oh gosh - Cairo Time?! How have I not heard of you? I always need more Patty C. in my life!!!

Lucas Dantas said...

patricia clarkson is divine!

Jose said...

Luke: I knoooooow! She looks stunning in the poster! I have no idea what this movie is about or anything but I'm soooo there to see her.

Ho: divine indeed. Her voice!