Friday, July 2, 2010

Donde duerme el horror *

Director: Adrián García Bogliano, Ramiro García Bogliano
Cast: David Rivera, José Castro, Michael Dionisio Morales
María Orozco, Gustavo Rojas, Ricardo Rodríguez Otoya
Rosibel Carvajal, Rocío Carranza, Haymo Henry Heyder

The real horror in this film lies in the fact that once it's over and the credits start rolling it dares to say it was partly inspired by Joseph Conrad.
If, like some of the characters in the film, Mr. Conrad could come back from the grave he surely would if only to keep his name out of this.
This film claims to be based on Conrad's The Inn of the Two Witches but it also says it's based on The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs and here's where one of the film's numerous troubles begin.
The writers not only adapted these tales but inserted them into a preposterous plot involving heists, bungee jumping, gulf war veterans gone mad and an array of ridiculous twists that not only fail to muster horror but also interest from the viewer.
The film begins when a band of thieves Mirlo (Rivera), Buho (Morales) and Aguila (Castro) rob and kill a man, not before they are cursed by a maid who ominously proclaims they will never live to enjoy the money they stole. That she does this while purposely showing her breasts is something that fails to make sense at any level, except int he fact that it fulfills the filmmakers love for any gratuitous sex they can get.
The criminals flee to a jungle hotel where some more supernatural shenanigans are going on. Hotel owner Miguel (Rojas) receives a cursed monkey paw from deranged Gulf War veteran (Heyder) who's more Colonel Sanders than former army member, who proclaims it will grat its owner three wishes.
Of course he fails to mention that in order to fulfill those wishes, tragedy will obviously ensue and as if the filmmakers were unsure of their ability to hook an audience with one good storyline, they get these two and use them as incoherent back up plans for each other.
While this could've had the charm of a Twilight Zone potpourri its inefficiency and dullness make it a total snooze fest in which the filmmakers find themselves trying to fulfill every single cliché from the bad horror movie canon.
It's a mystery how the people behind this movie were unable to even make this an enjoyable campfest, because the sequences are so exhausting and senseless that in the end it won't be horror taking a nap but the entire audience.

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Anonymous said...

The movie was great, infact I believe one of the many problems we have now a days are that people think Hollywood is vthe only place where a good movie can be made. This ofcourse only proves that American audiences, as already known world wide, are ignorant and deprived of any cultural general knowledge. This film was created to satisfy a latin american audience for which concider different things more or less interesting depending on their up bringing and or lifestyle. Being that everyones taste is different and different cultures appreciate different things, it is always important to be open and aware of what region a movie comes from. I believe Joseph Conrad may or may not have been embarrassed by the film, but its more embarrassing to think anyone in the world would care what an American's opinion may be. ;)