Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wet Estella.

You know what movie I love? Well obviously judging from the picture the question is nothing if not redundant.
Great Expectations was one of my favorite movies growing up; yes, I was allowed to watch movies with naked women, sex scenes and insane Anne Bancrofts as a child.
And I got to thinking today how long ago I haven't seen something as romantic and literally fucked up as this one is. I had been planning to take in a new movie and actually post a review but I think all of you will forgive me for being so tired from work and wanting nothing else but to lie on my bed, throw a big blanket on top and have a warm cup of tea while it rains outside.
I promise I will make worthier posts in the week to come.

What would you be watching on a rainy night?


Lucas Dantas said...

you're forgiven. especially because great expectations is one of the most beautiful things ever done. and it's kind of a pity that not much people have realised it.

Lucas Dantas said...

plus: ethan hawke is always delicious! even if i can't forget he cheated on uma!

J.D. said...

It's Cuarón, so it's automatically brilliant.


Luke said...

Hmmm... I just noticed this one in a $4 bargain bin recently... Should I have picked it up? And should I have a bone to pick with the store manager about how much money it's actually worth? :)

Jose said...

Ho: obrigado.
I know you love it too.

J.D: indeed!

Luke: well I'm obviously biased since this is one of my favorite movies ever. So yes you should've picked it up! LOL and $4 is so cheap! Nah, let the manager give you great movies at obscene prices.