Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sheet-y Saturday.

Where we took a look at posters for upcoming features.

Today we get a double dose of the Woodsman as the posters for You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger arrive.

The American version has a quirky, lovely fortuneteller vibe and keeps a simple theme that makes you want to know more about what the movie's about.
The concept here works much more than it did the last time Allen used cards in a movie.

Now the Spanish version is a seductive, sexy take on the silhouettes being used lately in Mad Men.
The color combination is simple and evokes ying-yang and Marilyn Monroe. While the first version has a more romantic appeal, this one isn't afraid to turn us on.
Of course both are done in the sort of impeccable style we hadn't seen from a Woody poster in quite a while.

Sexy or romantic, which do you prefer?


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Hee. I actually like the Scoop poster (I actually like Scoop.

re to the two above, it's so tough to choose. There's so much you could analyse with both. The first one seems bland on first glance but on keener watching there's much to see, the second one jumps out at you but when you look closer it's telling you something else. I don't go crazy for posters, but these are great (hopefully just like the movie - crosses fingers).

Anonymous said...

The first poster was the poster used as Cannes, not the American poster (which hasn't come out yet, and because it's Sony Classics it likely won't till about a month before the film opens in September).

Jose said...

Andrew: ugh I hope the movie rocks too!

Anon: that makes sense... *waits for American version with floating heads and no charm*

anahita said...

definitely like the first one more - so much more mysterious and quirky, and less in your face. am exciiteed for this film! x

simoncolumb said...

looks very Mad Men-ish...


Jose said...

anahita: I'm excited too!
One would think Woody worked once a decade considering the kind of excitement he musters up every year!

simoncolumb: indeed!