Friday, January 16, 2009

Fashion-al Board of Review.

The stars came out once again for the National Board of Review Gala and as I saw the shallow coverage in E! News I found my attention curiously drawn to someone I can barely stand, no, make that someone who is perhaps one of the only people who would make not see a movie if she is featured.
It's none other than Ms. Salma Hayek whose movies I can't stand, whose Oscar nomination still pisses me off and whose disdain for the press in her country make me wanna slap her, but something (perhaps "30 Rock" goodwill?) made me see her twice and for once actually appreciate what she was wearing.
I know she's had more famous outfits, but the simplicity and color of this one are the first time I've ever caught myself going "she does look nice". I guess her marriage is doing some much needed good for her image in my eyes. That caramel degradé is just mouth watering.

Now can someone please explain this to me:

Anne herself called this Chanel "a risk", but what the hell is it with stars wearing grass? (see Madonna in Louis Vuitton) We get that they love the planet and are worried and want the rest of us mortals to be "green" and what not, but there are much more efficient, and better looking, ways of reminding us about going natural (streaking doesn't count).
Anne went the extra mile by wearing fallen leaves, burnt grass and wrapped it all with a subtle dominatrix belt. Is she going to spank me if I don't recycle?


Kelsy said...

Salma Hayek is much easier to digest on TV than on film. Her guest roles on Ugly Betty and now 30 Rock are fun and don't require much presence, or in other words, are perfect for her.

woodstock said...

anne's dress looks more like a carpet than grass. i loved madonna's louis vitton though - it was like a 3rd age tinkerbell with KILLER legs and shoes. but madonna is another thing right - even her fashion stumbles seem understandable at some point.