Sunday, April 1, 2012

Style Sunday.

Prepare yourself to listen to one of the most clichéd expressions around but Kate Winslet is aging like a fine wine. Yes, she was gorgeous when she made Titanic 15 years ago, but ever since she's become one of the finest actresses in contemporary history and revealed herself to be even more lovely than we'd first envisioned. She was truly perfect in this Jenny Packham column to celebrate the re-release of the movie that made her a star. Even if the dress strictly follows what she's been doing time and time again on the red carpet for more than three years now, you can't argue about how flawless she looks. Perhaps she borrowed a bit from a Joan Crawford character - she did play Mildred Pierce after all - and the hair is out of a classic noir. Best of all might be to see her smiling so lovingly instead of pouting like a severe mannequin. She has rarely looked so vibrant!

January Jones, you, placenta-eating, children-scaring, Hitchcock redux, magnificent specimen of a woman, I missed you in last week's Mad Men premiere but seeing you in this stunning YSL dress more than made up for it.

Which of these ladies in black is your favorite? Did you miss January as Betty too?

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