Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sheet-y Saturday.

Where we take a look at posters for upcoming features.

Even if this poster is absolutely ridiculous in terms of laziness (Nancy Meyers much, anyone?) there is something about Meryl Streep that always makes everything better. Her sly look and smile in this picture, accompanied by the title of the book she's reading, tell us more about the movie than the trailer! Apparently the marketing team was aware of this and they decided to concentrate just on the picture and make the rest a mess of typography, colors (where should I read first?) and unreadable taglines.  

Charlize Theron is badasssss and that's pretty much all there is to this.

Which of these two do you think represent their movies best? Excited about post-Oscar Meryl?


sexta-feira said...

Always super-excited about Meryl!!

Runs Like A Gay said...

Charlize will never going to be able to do anything useful with that knife whilst wearing full length metal thimbles.

She might be badassss but I'm not scared.