Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Lorax **

Director: Kyle Balda, Chris Renaud

The movies do no justice to Dr. Seuss
They always tend to overproduce

When adapting the doctor's works onscreen
Their way to go is big, loud...not clean.

The Lorax is of course no exception
Remove the magic, add unnecessary tension

What once was a tale of forests and preservation
Has now become a gaudy demonstration

The voicework is astounding, the movie unworthy
The characters are charming, yet dull the story

Not even the gorgeous animation
Commands the grown up audience's attention

Children will undoubtedly be entertained
Grown ups will leave the movie feeling drained

Seuss' wisdom was meant for all ages
Let us not forget the timelessness of his pages

But Hollywood has yet to learn its lesson
That "less is more" regardless of the person

1 comment:

Linda Mariel said...

....I see what you did there! HAHAHA Yo intui eso con solo ver el poster y me reuso en irla a ver al cine!