Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sheet-y Saturday.

Where we take a look at posters for upcoming features.

Oliver Stone has been failing to set screens on fire since the early 90s. Was JFK truly his last great movie?
The wishful thinking that Stone is set to deliver something as vibrant as his classic work is what drives me to put all my hopes on Savages. The poster for this movie is a multicolored joy to watch as it presents us with all the A-star cast looking like they just left a Tarantino audition. The use of such vibrant colors makes this look like a dun version of Babel and I'd board that train anytime.
Best of all is the way in which all the actors were captures, del Toro looking like a demon out of hell, Hayek making the most of her mouth-barely-open pose, Travolta exuding his Scientology madness and Lively looking like the slutty ingenue. Without even knowing what the movie is about this one-sheet hooks you and isn't that what posters are supposed to do?


Runs Like A Gay said...

I think you're under-rating Nixon, sure it's no masterpiece but it's a superb dissection of a flawed man that doesn't get bogged down by Stone's politics.

This poster looks great, vibrant with just a hint of the chaos to come. I wonder if the AVA lava lamp design is indicative of something we will see in the picture.

Linda Mariel said...

Swear I thought it was something from Tarantino...I will board that train with you on both movies, I expect something great from this one!