Sunday, January 15, 2012

Style Sunday.

Is it me or is this the first year where people dress up for the Critics Choice Awards? They're usually in the Indie Spirit side of informality and "relaxed" style. Emma Stone embodies the transition beautifully in this joyful Jason Wu dress that's appropriate for the beach and this awards ceremony. Also, redheads should always wear green!

Elle Fanning is a beautiful girl and somehow this Rodarte dress makes her look like an old lady. Not sure if it washes her out or if the flowers are a bit too much. Anyone can tell me what's wrong with it?

These two make such a perfect couple! Can you imagine how fashion forward they would be together? Sigh. Charlize looks absolutely stunning in this simple Azzedine Alai and the superb Tilda Swinton pulls off a Marlene Dietrich in this gorgeous YSL ensemble.

Don't you hate it when someone dresses awesomely and then just does something like this? Whoever told Jessica Chastain that this dress was doing her any favors, seriously messed with her.

Diane Kruger always looks breathtaking and this Prada design is nothing short of magnificent. Gotta love that she dares to highlight her boobs like this and still pull it off effortlessly.

Kiki oughta learn not to stand with her legs so wide cause she's making this Christian Dior cocktail dress look butch. Otherwise she's pure perfection.

Michelle Williams is such a boring dresser, somehow this Chanel gown screams Nicole Kidman and would probably have looked gorgeous on her, but it feels so dull on MiWi. 

Oh Elizabeth Olsen bless you for proving that the Olsens have taste. This Emilio Pucci minidress is absolutely wonderful. Did you see the level of detail it has?

It deserves a million more pictures to admire its level of craftsmanship! Too bad the awards season has denied us the pleasure of her presence more. Lizzie should be nominated for everything!

Who's your favorite in this lineup? Excited about the actual winners in the show?


Candice Frederick said...

bout time mihelle Williams stepped up her game. diane kruger looks great. Emma stone does not. jessica chastain looks great in pink.

Linda Mariel said...

LOL, siempre me haces feliz con tus critis de cine o de moda! LUV IT!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Have you seen Young Adult? So curious to what you think, Charlize is a in full bitch-mode (read fantastic.)

Jose Solís said...

Candice: I hear ya about Michelle! She always looks so sleepy.

Linda: XOXO

Andrew: I have not. I'm not a fan of Reitman/Cody/Theron so I'll approach carefully.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I sort of loathe Reiteman, and have no opinion on either Diablo or Charlize, but the character is fun in a deluded way.