Monday, January 30, 2012

SAG Style.

I was busy watching The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo for the third time last night and forgot all about the SAG awards. I loved the winners, so there's that and now let's focus on what really mattered, how everyone looked:

Again, as much as I loved pregnant Natalie Portman, that baby bump robbed us of some magic last year, just look how stunning Natalie looks in this plum Giambatista Valli. Her figure has never been better and the simplicity of the makeup and hair are to die for. 

I have come up with a theory. Every time Meryl Streep looks good she loses at awards shows. It's like they have something against the greatest living actress looking beautiful when she wins...
You want proof o my theory? Should I write a full post on this? Help me decide... 
Anyway she was fantastic in Vivienne Westwood last night.

Marchesa does no wrong when well used. Viola Davis is a true goddess in this flowy Greek inspired dress.

Tilda Swinton is a true vision in this astonishing Lanvin creation, which might just be the exact opposite of the liquid fabric Lanvin she collected her Oscar in. The red lips and hair remind me a bit of Marilyn Monroe and I'm imagining the late genius Derek Jarman doing Marilyn with her...

Is there anyone more adorable than Octavia Spencer? She's looking fierce in this light grey Tadashi Shoji. The high hairdo might be the best we've seen her in so far and the lovely top make her look truly regal.

Oh, actually yes, there is someone more adorable than Octavia, her The Help co-star Jessica Chastain. Want proof of that? Here you go. Anyway, the lovely actress stunned in a blue Calvin Klein that highlighted her upper body in a way she's failed to do recently. Doesn't she look dreamy?

Rose Byrne is gorgeous and this dazzling Elie Saab jumpsuit (and her new bob!) make her look even better! Only someone with real guts can pull off such a daring look on a red carpet. She's ace!

I will keep including Lea Michele in these lineups for as often as she looks completely ridiculous in her extreme posing and affected, almost constipated, in her facial gestures. This Versace dress is awesome, but Lea always manages to cheapen everything with her sluttiness and need to be in the spotlight. Sigh.

The always lovely Emma Stone rocked this Alexander McQueen tea-length dress which pays homage to The Help while reminding us of what a genius McQueen was...that top is SO Lee!

A Valentino red dress seems to be what Michelle Williams needed to finally look alive. She's a picture of joy in this column dress with delicate lace appliqués.

Someone needs to feed Angelina Jolie, she looks cadaverous in this Jenny Packham dress. The gown itself is lovely but Jolie's bracelet looks heavier than her entire body. 

Who were your best dressed at SAG? 


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Why do people hate Lea Michele? I feel I'm missing (seriously, I have zip knowledge of the tabloids). She can be a bit much at times, but I'm all for actors being happy to be be on the carpet and whatnot.

Anyhow, I thought Glenn looked fantastic. I can't recall any clothes really. Shrugs.

CS said...

I understand Lea Michele’s best assets are her legs but I think she has played them up way too much of late. She should really try and mix it up a bit.

I would say the best from this list are Viola Davis and Emma Stone. I actually missed the telecast, who would you consider to be the worst dressed of the night?

Candice Frederick said...

everyone here except byrne, michele, jolie, and stone look pretty freaking amazing.

Jose Solís said...

Andrew: I don't read the tabloids either LOL it's just she's so obnoxious! She has no regard whatsoever for taste, all of her moves seem so calculated and fake. She's beyond too much.

CS: I didn't see the telecast either but nobody looked disastrous!

Candice: aww, you're evil LOL

Linda Mariel said...

Angelina looks like the kids she is trying to save in africa -__-

Luke said...

To be fair, when Meryl won for Sophie she was pregnant. Her options were probably limited. Plus it was the '80s - what was she to do?