Saturday, January 14, 2012

Let's Hear it for the Stone!

I'm the first to say "don't trust the masses" but sometimes they seem to make the right choices! Somehow they decided to give Emma Stone an award for something and I won't be one to judge them for that. Since I refuse to bother figuring out what she won for, let's play a game where we try and guess what category she was in!
- Best Redhead Alive
- Awesomest Movie Laugh This Side of Julia Roberts
- The "Lindsay Lohan Award" for Promising Youth Performer (est. 1998)
- Best Use of Gucci (I mean, this outfit, just wow!)
- Most Humble Performer (y'all saw The Help right?)
- Most Adorable Celebrity Alive

So, what do you think she won this for?


Linda Mariel said...

LOVE HER HAIR, SMILE AND HER OUTFIT CHOICE! no me preguntes por sus movies cuz I dnt recall watching THE HELP -_-

Paolo said...

It's about time that a comic actress by training gets some recognition. But to keep to the spirit of the post, I'll say Best SNL Guest.