Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sheet-y Saturday.

Where we take a look at posters for upcoming features.

These posters for The Iron Lady are truly fantastic, if only all campaigns were this inventive...the only thing I find weird is that they all seem to attack Maggie, as if the movie is predetermining audiences stances of her controversial legacy. I mean, someone out there might like her, no?

I couldn't care less about the re-release of Episode I, however I find it curious that they're bringing the usually classic Star Wars posters to the 21st century and using the "big head and big text" technique. Makes for a nice visual, huh?

What's your take on these two? Excited about Star Wars coming back to theaters?


Runs Like A Gay said...

Certainly the discussions over The Iron Lady here in the UK have largely dealt with the legacy of Thatcher rather than the legitimacy of the movie itself, so having posters which capitalise on the controversy make perfect sense.

Linda Mariel said... know Ivan will be offended by your "I couldn´t care less..." comment! LOL I know I will HAVE to watch this even though I dnt want too!