Friday, October 14, 2011

Short Takes (Haiku Edition)

Due to some taxing personal events during the past few weeks, my writing is something I've been neglecting. The movies - as always - have remained a beacon of hope amidst these dark times and needless to say so, I've been sucking on to them like a unicellular creature would to some more advanced life-form. I apologize for not having been as friendly in the blog-o-sphere as usual and I apologize for not writing. Both you and this medium keep me alive, and today felt like a good day to resurrect. I give you reviews for some of the latest films I've seen in haiku form (Today also felt like a good time to try out some new literary techniques...)

Limitless (dir. Burger, 2011) **

Magic pill powers
don't explain why Bradley
is a movie star.

Bad Teacher (dir. Kasdan, 2011) *

Cam as rotten fruit
punches Lucy out of
comedic classroom.

L'amour fou (Thoretton, 2011) ***

Legacy of style
sold in heartbreaking auction
fashionable tears.

Larry Crowne (Hanks, 2011) **

Old school charm abounds
but Julia and Hanks feel like
our folks making out.

 What have all of you been watching?

1 comment:

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

YAY. So glad you're back, and that brevity does not diminish your wit.

I know I watched at least half of LIMITLESS but Cooper's lack of charm made me tune out. Even wit the lovely Abbie, I swear I can't remember what happened or if I saw the end.