Saturday, October 22, 2011

Short Take: "Beautiful Boy".

Maria Bello and Michael Sheen bring gravitas and urgency to Shawn Ku's tale of suburban decay as the parents of a depressed teenager (Kyle Gallner) who one day opens fire on his college campus, killing several classmates and professors. What's left for his parents other than to explore what went wrong. Considering they're a couple at the edge of separation, it might be a detriment of sorts for Ku to suggest that tragedy might be what these two people needed to realize they still loved each other. The film is pretty much a depression-fest in which we see Bello and Sheen's characters go through the phases of grief individually and together. To say that all their pain becomes excruciating would be to make the film a favor and it's a shame that unlike the superior Rabbit Hole, it rarely bothers in conveying a feeling that these characters existed for more purposes than to serve this tragedy.

Grade: **

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