Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sheet-y Saturday.

Where we take a look at posters for upcoming features.

Why would anyone try to make a Lars von Trier film feel like a cross of The Craft and a Bewitched prequel (Kiki looks like a young girl becoming aware of her powers...ooh I see some X-Men in it too!) especially after the original - and somewhat controversial - first poster created one of the most iconic images of the cinematic year.

After the awesome trailer reminded us that less is more, the graphic campaign for The Woman in Black is a joyful example of how imaginative marketers can create a mood without recurring to cheap, stereotypical techniques. Gotta love how the sepia creepiness of the eyeless children (I maintain to this day that there are few things as scary as ghost children) is almost enough to take our attention away from the ghastly presence that seems to be overtaking them! The play this film is based upon is a wonderful combination of horror and comedy, so far it seems the filmmakers are tapping onto this. 

So, what's scarier? The lazy Kiki work or the eyeless children?


Jason H. said...

Eyeless children. I agree, ghost children scare me.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Even if it is an image from the movie, the Melancholia psoter is sort of drab. By the way, add Melancholia to the list of films I'm RABIDLY awaiting your reviews of.

(Know that I annoy you out of love, if I don't keep clawing at the door of your blogger brain, who shall encourage you to write?)

Jose said...

Jason: OMG yes! *runs and hides*

Andrew dear, if I could be your writing slave, I gladly would. However the shittiness of real life and jobs to pay the bills keeps me not only from writing - but even worse - from watching the movies I can write about. I appreciate the fervor of your expectations, alas I haven't seen Lars' movie yet :(