Monday, February 1, 2010

Wishful Thinking (Oscar Edition).

With Oscar nominations less than twenty four hours away it's our last time to look up on the skies, find a star, make our biggest wishes and then watch the following day how AMPAS shatters them.

This year mine would be:
"Bright Star" getting in for Best Picture and Best Director but since I know those are laugh-out-loud lost causes, then would they please please nominate Abbie Cornish for Best Actress?
After all the buzz she got in Cannes she seemed one of the most sure causes come awards season, but they have replaced her with the likes of Emily Blunt in a mediocre biopic, Helen Mirren in a we-haven't-seen-it-but-it must-be-good-because-you're-in-it biopic and most terrifying of all Sandra Bullock in a racist trying to pas of as feelgood biopic.
Considering how Cornish is almost a lost cause as well, I'll cross my fingers for Bullock and Blunt, maybe that'll jinx their chances.

Oh and if "Bright Star" is ignored in Costume Design and especially Cinematography someone will need to give me a tranquilizer or shoot the Academy.

I would also love to see "The Hurt Locker"'s Anthony Mackie or Brian Geraghty get in Best Supporting Actor over people like Matt Damon whose whole movie is a big pile of "huh?" in the face of art.

I rest assured that the Foreign Language Branch won't fuck up this year and snub "The White Ribbon" or "A Prophet" and they would make for a perfect trio if they also remembered "The Secret in Their Eyes" (with "The Milk of Sorrow" and "Samson and Delilah" rounding up the lucky five). If any of these is snubbed and "Winter in Wartime" or "The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner" made it, it truly would be outrageous.

As usual I won't even bother with predictions, they are perhaps one of the most frustrating and Sisyphean endeavors any Oscar buff can get into and even if none of my wishes get granted, a boy has the right to dream, doesn't he?


Michael Parsons said...

Just saw 'Invictus' and I (gasp) really liked it. I was all caught up in the Apartheid whirlwind. Let me sleep on it and see how I feel in the morning.

Danny King said...

All great choices. I actually have Cornish in my #5 spot, just because I don't see any passion for Helen Mirren's performance. And she won the thing two or three years ago, so where's the passion to give her another nomination?