Monday, February 15, 2010

Ladies Who Luncheon (2009)

AMPAS' experiment of live streaming the Oscar nominees luncheon proved to be an equation that sums up what the Academy Awards are all about: industry people giving each other handjobs while we are the voyeurs who wish to be among them someday.
Few events recall porn without the nudity and orgasms like Oscar does and as someone who should know better I fell for the whole thing once again and saw in disapproval as Sandra Bullock owned the room and Meryl Streep played the always a bridesmaid part yet again.
However I couldn't help but feel thrilled when I saw my two favorite nominees of the year: Carey Mulligan and Kathryn Bigelow.
If Oscar's going home with two ladies, this year it should definitely be them.
First up Carey dazzled in a new hair color which she immediately realized matched Oscar. I think she's too shy and introverted to be so manipulative but many style oriented voters out there probably loved the idea of the statuette matching the recipient and pushed Carey up in their ballots (obviously considering that they aren't voting for her masterful performance).
When asked about what it was to hang out with Meryl, Helen and Sandra she said "they could be a nightmare if they wanted to, because they're so good" but again told us just how nice the older gals were.
As a piece of advice to all the nominees she simply asked them to watch their drinks considering she was "hammered" for an awards show a few months ago and wasn't expecting to win.
The cutest thing of it all was when she said "Gabby and I exchanged numbers and have been texting each other about clothes" ah, they are after all so damn young!
Bullock is the closest to their age range and she's twenty years older than Gabourey!

Next up was the amazing Kathryn Bigelow. Before she came in I kept wondering what she would wear and crossed my fingers for it to be a dress.
Why is it that when female directors get nominated they always go for simple monochromatic dresses or eek pantsuits? That I'm offended by her gender always being brought up does not mean she has to completely disown it either! The most fun at these things is seeing what the nominees wear.
Bigelow has been the exception and has opted for mini dresses with little flairs like the gorgeous shoulders in this Balenciaga looking design.
Hmm I wonder how would she look in something by L'Wren Scott?


Luke said...

First of all, the graphic intro - hilarious. :)
Secondly, it's nice to hear about something of this nature... since I had absolutely no idea it was being broadcast anywhere. So thanks for the Oscar-salivating tip, my friend!

Danny King said...

Despite your gracious reaction, I still wish I could have watched it live.

Diddo the love for Bigelow and Mulligan.

Jose said...

Luke: glad you enjoyed the intro, I felt kinda filthy when I re-read it just now lol.

Danny: it was disturbingly appealing to watch actually haha.
I disapprove of reality shows and this was quite similar to it in a way. Perhaps you can catch some clips on the Oscar site?

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Carey and Gabby really are young. Imagine how crazier it would have been if Abby or Saoirse had joined them. Still blank on the Oscars, but these sort of shows still are fun to watch (even if it's quasi-pornographic).

Check out this photo: just ignore Stuhlbarg.

Jose said...

Ugh Saoirse is so beautiful. Stuhlbarg looks surprisingly young though! I thought the was in his 40s.