Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who's Afraid of von Trier? Pe's Not!

Doesn't Penélope Cruz know I'm already in love with her? She really should stop trying so hard to win me.
According to some sources she went ahead and got the lead role in the next Lars von Trier movie.
If the rumors are true, and an official press release is revealed, she will star in "Melancholia" a psychological disaster movie in which Lars will get to destroy the planet while Pe battles some inner demons.
If it's anything like I'm imagining it to be (which of course will never do justice to the actual things von Trier comes up with) I'm guessing it will be more in the tone of Michael Haneke's "The Time of the Wolf" than "2012".
The plot is supposed to be centered on the destruction of Earth by the incoming collision with a planet called Melancholia.
Sigh, doesn't this just whisper Tarkovsky in your ears?
When asked about what to expect in the movie last year von Trier simply stated "no more happy endings!".
It's as if this movie's being made for me.
(Read the full story here)


Aiden R. said...

This sounds like a pretty awesome combo, pretty out-there if anything else. Love Penelope, love Von Trier, this will be cool. Thanks for the heads up!

Great site, btw. Looking forward to coming back.

Dame James said...

I think Penelope Cruz is trying to become Nicole Kidman. And I definitely won't be complaining about that. This project sounds fascinating and it will be interesting to see what a director will do with her in what is not, presumably, a sexy Latin spitfire role.

Viva Penelope!

Luke said...

Okay, so my feelings about Antichrist aside, I am excited about anything Penelope does... let's hope she does great work with him. I'm not sold on Von Trier yet... should I watch Dogville or something? What movie will redeem him for me?

Jose said...

Viva indeed James!

Hmm that's a tough one Luke. What other of his movies have you seen besides "Antichrist"?

Luke said...

Well, I've only managed to catch the beginning half of Breaking the Waves on TV once... so I don't think I've gotten the full effect of this director that so many seem to worship!

Jose said...

"Antichrist" was probably not the best way to get started then.
I think his most accessible movie is "Dancer in the Dark", although I'm using the word in a very slight way. Von Trier is the kind of filmmaker who makes a movie for himself and we're lucky if we like it or enjoy it, therefore I don't think everyone gets to like him.
You might appreciate what he does technically in "Dogville", see how imaginative he can be with a tight budget in "Medea" and might enjoy his perverse sense of humor in "Epidemic".
But I think it's understandable if he's just not for you. I love him but I'm biased lol.

Castor said...

"no more happy endings!": that's a definite must-see if true!!!

well congrats Jose!!

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Castor said...

Penelope is also joining the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean!! What a happy day for you Jose :)

Jose said...

Haha yay! and you're right Castor more Pe should make me happy indeed, but I really dislike the "Pirates" movies.
Although I'm sure she and Rob Marshall will bring something special to it.