Monday, February 15, 2010

Walking the Green Carpet.

Unlike red, which is the favored color for celebrities to step on in our continent, Spain favored green to tint the carpet that led to the Goya Awards.
"Celda 211" swept the awards winning in almost half of the categories it was nominated and taking home eight Goyas.
Alejandro Amenábar's "Ágora" came in second with seven (and seeing how uncomfortable he looked I was glad he didn't win more).
As with all that's European, oddity abounded like the many languages in which the speeches were delivered (Spanish, English, Italian and Gallego among others) and by the time a man by the name of Milkyway took the stage I was astounded by Naausica Bonnin's gorgeous cleavage (very triple pleated mushroom collar if you ask me).
Among the other gods and goddesses of fashion were:

Natalia Verbeke was luscious in Antik Vatik. The flashiness of the glitter might look like a bit too much but the back of the dress was practically nonexistent and paired with her Rita Hayworth hairdo was jaw dropping.

Bimba Bosé put the avant garde in the carpet by pairing her canary hair with a Davi Delfín pantsuit in the same color.
If she screams David Bowie perhaps that's what she was going for.

Effortlessly beautiful in vintage Versace Penélope Cruz evoked the muse she is.

Jordi Mollá was best dressed man in a gray Armani tux which brought out the beautiful color in his eyes. Seating next to Penélope and Javier Bardem in the front row it was like an overdose of gorgeousness.

"Tetro" nominee Maribel Verdú was stunning in Nina Ricci.

Supporting Actress winner Marta Etura rocked in passion red Oscar de la Renta. Watching the tail flow as she went to pick up her award was breathtaking.

The gorgeous Naausica Bonnin in Amaya Arzuaga takes the ingenue in magnificent couture vote.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

No mention of Weisz? Or was she not there? I'm anticipating Agora so very much.

Jose said...

Actually no, she was the only no-show in the Best Actress category (she was working in Canada or something apparently).
I'll have a review for "Agora" in the next few days, if I muster enough energy to write it hehehe!