Sunday, February 21, 2010

The British Are Awarding!

If you thought only American E! presenters made asses of themselves in front of celebrities, you will be happy, or not, to learn that the Brits are just as ridiculous.
Interviewing nominees and presenters attending the BAFTAs they have been on a roll of insane questions, dumb remarks and royal madness (they're gaga over Prince William).

Presenter "How was it to play gay? It was your first time".
Colin Firth "No it wasn't" he proceeds to say all the gay characters he's played, including "Mamma Mia" which even I'd forgotten about, " [Playing gay] is fairly routine for me now".
Presenter "How was it to take your kit off after more than twenty years?"
Colin changes subject.
Presenter "Does your wife prefer you do love scenes with women or men?"

The radiant Kate Winslet in Stella McCartney was utterly refreshing even when the guy asked her if she was jealous of "Avatar"'s success hahaha.
She charmingly replied that she was thrilled she wouldn't have to answer questions about being in "the highest grossing film of all time" anymore.

"You're obviously pregnant, right?"
- Presenter to an obviously pregnant Anne Marie Duff

"You were only in the movie for like ten minutes."
- Presenter baffled about Guy Pearce's appearance.

Instead of asking debut director Tom Ford about his film the presenter chose to ask him how he felt releasing Colin Firth's feminine side...
Ford reminds her gay ain't feminine.
She blushes and asks him if he 's wearing himself.
In most dapper style he replies "I only wear myself."

The funniest thing I saw so far though was the fuss over Audrey Tautou.
When she was first spotted the female presenters gushed about how pretty she looked and how she obviously was wearing Chanel because "it would be insulting if she wasn't".
Audrey insulted them minutes later when she answered she was indeed wearing Lanvin.
They proceeded to call her fashion choice the "shocker of the night".

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