Friday, September 4, 2009

Emasculate Me.

Remember all those movies about either men or women disappearing and causing havoc in terms of population and reproductive matters?
Well, according to recent studies everything we saw in dystopian sci-fi might not be a far fetched conjecture created by geeky writers.
With the imminent end of the Y chromosome, will there come a time when the planet will only be populated by women?
As we know, men are becoming more dispensable in terms of reproduction-with stem cells, in vitro, stored sperm and whatnot- but how will a world without men turn out to be?
This "imminent" event might be million of years away from occurring-if it even happens-but it certainly gets the mind rolling.
Can you imagine when at the 1,000,000th Academy Awards there are only categories for Actresses?

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Will gay men survive?