Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's a Celebration (Music Video)!

Besides celebrating the maverick year that was 1939, this year is also important for the cinematic arts because we also celebrate the 25th anniversary of Madonna's career.
Madge has been at it for a quarter of a century already and with many more years to come we only can revel in, most, of what she's given us so far.
She's contributed to the music video form more than any other artist (the late Michael Jackson was the only other one who could compare to her) and today she released her newest video.
"Celebration" is one of two new songs made for her third greatest hits compilation due in a few more weeks.
Produced by DJ extraordinaire Paul Oakenfold the song, as the title suggests, is a celebration of the Queen's entire career.
It sounds both old and new, refreshing and nostalgic, shallow and promising, like everything she does it contains an ambiguity which enchants her fans and has the ability to lure her detractors (even the people who hate her the most know "Like a Virgin").
The song features some words and phrases I think Madge should patent, like "groove","party","hesitation","everybody", "prove" and "step to the beat"; words that are so Madonna-like that the song couldn't have been made by anyone else.
The Los Angeles Times said it " [Celebration] is an effective look back, a gliding, reassuring number that she [Madonna] hasn't forgotten her beginning. But rather than instill a sense of nostalgia, everything feels a bit obligatory. The sound of an artist, hopefully, ready for the next chapter."
It's like "Holiday" meets "Hung Up" by way of "Into the Groove".
But this isn't a site dedicated to music, the point is that the video (directed by the amazing Jonas Åkerlund) is a return to what she does best.
After some utterly lackluster music videos, she seems to have put some effort into this one (at least she didn't just slack it like she did with the "Get Together" video and more recently with "Miles Away").
She learned some new dance moves, got herself a cool outfit (very Gareth Pugh) and delivers a mini masterpiece of dance euphoria.

The video consists mostly of scenes where we see her dance like a nut, she's still got the crotch grabbing moves (but this time they look more indecent, sorta, when accompanied by her red kabbalah string, she loves the controversy).
When we don't see Madge we see her spectacular dancers.

Her videos always make me wish I would work out more and it's ironic how most of the time her songs are the best to exercise to...

Her love for male beauty is as evident as ever. All of her dancers have ripped bodies and dance like the devil.
This one even takes time to "Vogue".
After a while we get to yet another of her trademarks as she flaunts her newest boy toy.

This time it's twenty year old Brazilian model/DJ Jesus Luz who pops up halfway through the video.
The song used in the video is a remix (by Italian DJ Benny Benassi) which sadly skips some of the best lyrics, but amps the bass and gives the song a thump-thump perfect for Madge's consequent hump-hump.

Jesus appears in the song's spoken interlude with cheesy, tongue-in-cheek, results the sort of which Madge has never shied away from.
As the song goes
"Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?
You look familiar
You wanna dance?
Yeah "

...she approaches the kid with that look on her face.

The cougar reaches her prey just in time for the line that goes "I guess I just don’t recognize you with your clothes on".

After which she proceeds to disrobe him and brag about what she gets to do every night of the week.
It's impossible not to love her for her unapologetic bragging, self mockery and plain admirable lust. With the body she has one can't blame her.

(Yum indeed Madge)

After this cock tease the video goes into one of her now favorite dance offs, where multi ethnic people join in bizarre dance moves, jumps and ecstatic behavior.
She isn't featured in these scenes, she's getting into the groove somewhere else in the club one might guess.
But Lola is in her place!

Yes that's Ms. Lourdes Maria Ciccone proving her mother has nothing on her dance moves.
She struts and flips like a pro (might this be a preview of her career?)
As the song comes to an end the bassline grows higher, the editing cuts get faster and all we want to do is dance, get boy toys or buy the album.

Whichever you choose Madonna is still at the top of her game and she damn well knows it!


J.D. said...

Oh my GOD I want Luz SO BADLY NOW.

Michael Parsons said...

I hated the video. Then again I loved 'Get Together'.
I just wish she would stop pointing to her vajayjay so much. Remember when she used to actually look like she was having fun when she danced?