Wednesday, September 30, 2009

C'est 34.

The magnifique Marion Cotillard turns 34 today. With an Oscar under her belt (along with a Golden Globe, a BAFTA and two Césars) she's already accomplished what many actresses die to have: a movie character for immortality.
In her case it was songstress Edith Piaf and with the upcoming "Nine"she might be looking at yet another awards magnet.
But Cotillard is also delightful in light comedic roles (see "Ma Vie en L'air") where her classic beauty and charm are put to the great use, but she's been lacking in the adventurous roles, she should learn from Nicole Kidman and seek people like von Trier. Wouldn't she be awesome as Grace in "Wasington"?
Let's wish her more amazing roles and even better auteur pics!


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What a very successful actress.

Furniture removals Melbourne said...

Aw! She’s a darling. She’s an amazing actress. I love watching her movie!