Thursday, September 10, 2009

Handsome enough to tempt me.

Today is Colin Firth's birthday, the stoic, oddly charming actor turns 49 today.
His most memorable role to date has been of course Mr. Darcy. Both in the beloved BBC adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice" and in the Bridget Jones movies which in itself is a version of Jane Austen's beloved masterpiece (talk about typecasting).
With his birthday in mind and having seen all three versions of "Pride..." lately, only one doubt comes to mind.
Who has been the best Mr. Darcy?

Laurence Olivier in the 1940 version?

Matthew Macfayden in the nouvelle vague-ish 2005 take?

...or birthday boy?

(Complete with wet shirt, puppy eyes and all...)

You pick!


Kelsy said...

Colin Firth, hands down, although Mr. Olivier is pretty adorable as well.

Honestly, I can't stand Matthew Macfayden version in the 2005 version. He's too boring for how feisty they made Elizabeth in that version.

But Colin Firth brings some smoldering glances and quick wit to the role, and I can't resist.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to say officially that SIR Laurence Olivier(the sir part is really hot!) is officially my favorite actor (besides Tony Curtis). I don't think that Pride and Prejudice was his crowning achievement, though I have to say that he is so smoking hot(if you poured a bucket of water on him it would instantly turn to steam)that even if it wasn't his greatest performance he still officially is the BEST Mr.Darcy.