Sunday, March 18, 2012

Style Sunday.

You all know I was obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence during the 2011 awards season. At 19 she kept blowing our minds and expectations with gorgeous look after look. Kudos for always finding the way to explore iconic designers while giving an opportunity to maverick geniuses (her red Calvin Klein at the Oscars was simplicity turned into orgasmic couture) This time around to promote The Hunger Games, Lawrence is simply divine in Prabal Gurung. The gold fabric might be a bit too reminiscent of Meryl's Oscar dress (who would've thought Meryl would influence fashion someday?) and the slit might be too Angelina (but J.Law keeps it classy!) but overall what works so well is that it's a classic look with a hip touch. Gotta love the smoky eyes and how she went for a loose hairdo instead of the severity the dress might've invited.

Are you as fascinated by J.Law's  remarkable sense of fashion as I am?


Candice Frederick said...

sorry, she looks far too tanned and this dis the same type of dress clooney's gal pal wore at the oscars, but not as nice. looks kind of trash bag-y.

Amir said...

Sorry Candice, I'll be on Jose's team for this one ;)
I think she looks remarkable.