Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sheet-y Saturday.

This exclusive poster for John Carter was designed by J.C. Richard for a special Mondo screening of the upcoming film and it's utterly perfect. The soft colors recall the excitement of finding a washed out sci-fi paperback among your dad's belongings and the detailing demands you look at it forever. The canyons, the color of the skies, the planets above, the thrill of that beam coming out of a spaceship...and then the single human being standing in awe of all of this. This one sheet makes us become John Carter and as such it's truly a work of art.

Excited about this movie?


Runs Like A Gay said...

Reviews coming in seem quite positive, but I still can't seem to enthuse myself.

That posters lovely, mind, even if it looks more like a book cover.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Not excited, fact, I feel like I'm out of the loop because I know people are talking about it, but I feel like I haven't heard anything really.

Ah well.

Luke said...

I really want it to be good... we'll see. Question, though: the weird logo at the top seems to be a pre-title-change logo - is that an "m" we're seeing? Is this the last remnant of the former title that should have been? :)