Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sheet-y Saturday.

Anyone would've assumed that whenever talking of The Great Gatsby the first image that would come to mind would be that of well, Jay Gatsby. Leave it to the brilliant genius that is Baz Luhrmann to reveal that the focus of his attention will in fact be Daisy, played in his movie by the astonishing Carey Mulligan. Here's the thing, Carey has one of those faces that inspire awws and heart shaped gestures, however she has never felt like a true "woman" in the sense that her ethereal beauty rarely allows her to become a fully sexual being. The Carey we are presented in this poster though has a different pair of eyes (kudos to the makeup department as this will surely be yet another Baz beauty extravaganza) eyes that seem wiser. However the real question is why did Baz choose to hide Leo's unarguably more recognizable face?

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