Sunday, September 25, 2011

Style Sunday.

My god is Jessica Chastain lovely. Who the hell knows where she was hiding last year but she's proved herself worthy of future fashion icon appearance after appearance in 2011. This golden Vivienne Westwood is no exception and she compliments the Westwood-esque cuts with a simple hairstyle and nude color heels.

Will someone please get to work on the Marilyn Monroe movie starring Naomi Watts? This simple Stella McCartney pantsuit proves that this blonde needs nothing more than her star wattage to shine.

SJP, those who are about to die from stylegasms salute you. It's become cliché to have the lovely Sarah featured in this column, but really, do I need an explanation? This stunning Stella McCartney dress proves why she is such a remarkable dresser; the craftsmanship of the dress is fabulous and the combination of trends she pulls off so effortlessly just makes one swoon.

Which of these ladies do you think was the best dressed of the week?


Luke said...

Chastain is quite the stunner - and can we talk about how Naomi Watts hasn't actually aged in the last ten years? What is she on?

Jose said...

Word, Luke! She's even had babies and stuff, let's try to steal her recipe for eternal beauty.