Sunday, September 4, 2011

Style Sunday.

Diane Kruger is such a fantastic dresser! Like seriously, how many celebrities ca you think of, that ALWAYS look so breathtaking? She rocks this simple Elie Saab in such an unexpectedly perfect way that you have to wonder if she has made a deal with the photography devils to always look so dreamy.

See how simple the hair and makeup are? How the color easily could've washed out being almost the same tone as her skin. Seriously wow! Also, this is supposed to be one of the first times Kruger does a big red carpet in Saab. Zhe should keep it up, no?

 Madge in Vionett. Sigh. Just perfect. For more on this look though, head over to The Film Experience where Nat and I engage in a good old fashioned red carpet talk.


Ryan T. said...

Not a big fan of Madge's dress. While the glasses and 90% of the dress were great, I'm not feeling the hair nor the sleeves.

As for Diane, she's always so lovely. Though she is missing her best red carpet accessory... Joshua Jackson. Was he there?

Candice Frederick said...

diane looks gorgeous. madonna not so much... said...

It won't have effect in actual fact, that's what I suppose.