Friday, September 30, 2011

A Cut of Prime TV.

Out of all the new TV shows this season, only Prime Suspect sounded appealing to me (sorry 60s retro porn) why? For one and one reason only: Maria Bello. Today I caught up with the first two episodes and as expected Ms. Bello was absolutely fantastic. Hell, more than that, she got me hooked on a procedural drama. Something that never really happens (I hat cop, doctor and lawyer shows, Damages being the one huge exception to the rule)

Now to my surprise (although not really) I'm finding out that nobody has given a damn about this show! Critics received it warmly but it hasn't generated enough buzz to save it from getting lost in the mix of procedural series, cop shows and Thursday night mammoths that prevail.

With that said, I believe this is a big crock of crap and will now proceed to give you ten reasons why you should be watching Prime Suspect instead of CSI: Milwaukee and Law & Order: Etiquette Infractors Unit.

1. Maria Bello.
No, really. Three minutes into the first episode where she complains about quitting smoking, scares the crap out of a cab driver and looks fabulous while running, I found myself dreaming of how lovely she would look at the Emmys next year.

2. The way it explores the dynamics between men and women. This show could become a rich study of gender politics in the 21st century!

3. Brian F O'Byrne. I'm thrilled he's becoming more and more popular this year! From Mildred Pierce to this, he proves he can work magic when starring with strong women.

4. The writing! Every line Bello utters is priceless without being too quirky or showy.

5. The cases have actual mystery in them...

6. ...but you're still more drawn to the characters involved.

7. The chemistry between Bello and her onscreen hubby (Kenny Johnson), you wonder how can they keep their clothes on when they're together.

8. Jane's hat!

9. Jane's trenchcoats!

Talk about efficient but understatedly elegant style.

10. The underrated Aidan Quinn is in it as well!

Now, for real, stop doing what you're doing and go check out Prime Suspect.

Were you a fan of the British version? I've never seen one and I'm curious now!


Lucas Dantas said...

okay, gonna download it just cos you're pretty and cute.

Paolo said...

The two shows are a different colour palette, tone, everything. I don't know why the American show has the same title as the British, but I'm happy that both exist. Such great characters. Every single scene in this show is more interesting than any episode in the past season so far.