Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sheet-y Saturday.

Where we take a look at posters for upcoming features.

When it comes to superhero movies I'm usually completely blasé until I watch them (see how much I enjoyed Thor for example!) and I'd been even more than indifferent towards the new Captain America until I laid my eyes on this fantastic poster.
This is how you do a film poster people! The retro factor gives the film a completely different perspective and truly makes me salivate at the possibility of encountering a throwback to the Fletcher Superman cartoons for example. Can you imagine how awesome that would be?
Love the Hitler punching, the font, the colors and heck, if Chris Evans doesn't look like a young Gary Cooper in that illustration.

Do you love this one as much? Excited about Captain America?


Runs Like A Gay said...

That's a fascinating gorgeous poster, but I don't think it will entice the punters into the cinema.

Would love it on my wall, though.

TomS said...

I look forward to a renewed artistry in movie posters. So much great work has been done in this medium!

I like this poster, especially its retro design. It will be interesting to see if it appeals to youngsters...

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

The poster is great, I'd love if the film itself is as retro - but for some reason, i doubt it.

Kelsy said...

That is a fabulous poster. I saw the trailer a couple weeks ago and was surprised that it got me excited about the movie--it was so 1940s! I guess it also shows my preference for man-made superheroes rather than mutations or scientific accidents.