Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Big L.

The lovely Laura Linney literally floored me with her tremendous performance in The Big C and I have reviewed the complete first season for PopMatters.
Based on her likability, overall charm and especially the power of her performance I think she pretty much has the Emmy for Comedy Actress in the bag.
Sure, the show isn't especially funny and truth be told Amy Poehler is the one who should be collecting this award, but as we know these silly academies like their "comedy" to have tears and more drama than good old laughs.
Anyway, this made me wonder, is Showtime the new go-to channel for Best Actress Emmys?
If Linney triumphs, she will be third lady in a row (after Toni Collette and Edie Falco) to come from that cable channel.

Anyway, have you checked out The Big C yet?

Also check out my review for Demob.

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Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Good, now we have more stuff to talk about. I actually find the show hilarious, although Laura's character is a bit of a narcissistic bitch. But the show is a beaut, LOVE LOVE LOVE Cynthia Nixon (hope she gets a guest actress Emmy), love Gabriel Basso who plays her son (a surprisingly good performance) and Platt and Hinckey are great. The show has multiple issues, but it's in my top 6/7.

Okay, no I'm going to read your review, so I may be back :)