Friday, June 3, 2011

Knope is Me.

"You know I was only with Mark for one night and then I was hung up on him for six years. I dated Dave for three months, so if I continue that pattern I won't be over him for...500 years."

On the insistence of a few of you out there, I finally decided to give Parks and Recreation a try and I am hooked like a junkie on crack (I've seen 30 episodes in less than a week!). This is bar none, the funniest show in TV right now, so if you haven't seen it, do so now! (I know all of you have so don't rub it in my face for arriving so late to the party)

PS: Amy Poehler for the Emmy!
Oh and that line I quoted, is my life.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. You got me loving Modern Family then you got me hooked, hooked on TRUE BLOOD so this payback. (And, GOD Amy is brilliant. I'm so afraid that Linney will win the Emmy over her - and Linney's actually great but Amy is a godsend.)

Robert said...

I second Andrew! Hooray for you finding Parks and Rec! And Amy should definitely win (though I haven't seen The Big C and even though Toni Collette has already won it'd be nice to see her snag a trophy on Tara's last season).