Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sheet-y Saturday.

Where we take a look at posters for upcoming features.

The Girl Who Played With Fire

I saw and loved the entire trilogy but I'm very pleased the American poster stays away from the Photoshopped cheesiness of the European version.
It's quite a surprise considering they would've usually gone for something more over the top and awful, instead they choose to concentrate on Noomi Rapace's wonderful face and the mysterious dragon figure made out of fire to well, link the first movie to this one.
Quite a nice, if not altogether groundbreaking choice.

The Social Network

Jesse Eisenberg's face looks right at us from geeky limbo to announce the first image of David Fincher's Facebook movie.
If I wasn't interested in it at first, this amazing poster (surely made by whoever made Michael Clayton's) surely makes me want to give it a look. Like the best (?) Facebook profiles, it makes you interested in poking at what's behind the face.
Plus that tagline totally deserves a "like".


Sofia Coppola might be adhering too much to the old "stick to what you do best" adage but there's a certain inviting quality to this poster despite the fact that we probably will have nothing in common with Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning's characters.
But wait, that's what we would've thought of the people in Lost in Translation and it proved to be one of the most earthy, empathic movies of the decade.
I love how the poster looks like something out of a faux Wes Anderson movie and the slight nod to Citizen Kane is masterful.


jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake said...

actually that one is Canadian I guess (Alliance is the distributor) and the 'cheesy photoshopped' one is the US poster (Music Box Films is the US distributor)

Jose said...

That does make sense.
Thanks for the heads up and long live Canada!

Simon said...

Love The first two, but the Somewhere poster borders on dull.

Luke said...

Oooo! Good finds! I'm still unsure about The Social Network though. What are you thinking about it?

Jose said...

Simon: haha I like it, it's very Sofia.

Luke: I'm still torn actually. On one side I didn't care at all about it but then this marvelous poster came out and now I'm really curious.

ccypop said...

Argh... I hate the premise of Sofia's new flick, but maybe there will be some charm in the whole living in an iconic hotel kinda thing, like the Tokyo Hyatt in Lost in Translation.