Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Analogy (For Those Not Into the World Cup)

Watching Lionel Messi play under Diego Maradona's guidance is the sports equivalent of:



Luke said...

Ha! Thanks for clearing that up. The world all makes sense now. :)

Michael Parsons said...

I got Italy in my office pool. I wanted Brazil. I look great in those colours.

Jose said...

You are more than welcome Luke!

But Michael, you'll also look fantastic in blue and white! I'm not a fan of Brazilian football actually, nor its uniform.
You might also want to try Holland, if someone can pull off orange it's you.

crszen said...


Why not Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leoni, Gianfranco Giannini and Lina Wertmuller!

Jose said...

Not the message I'm trying to get across, those examples don't fit this analogy (Established master of a craft bringing out the best in a young ingenue).