Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Reason to Hate Piracy.

Kirsten Dunst better start practicing her damsel in distress screams from the Spider-Man franchise. She's just been cast as the lead in Lars von Trier's Melancholia.
You know I'm a sucker for anything that springs out of the mad Dane's imagination but this news also means something bad for me.
Kiki is set to replace none other than Penélope Cruz! (I'd written about this before)
The most awful thing about it all is that Pe passed on Lars to star in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie!
The paycheck must be amazing and a movie star needs her couture and all, but how does someone in their right mind say no to Lars for Pirates?
Cruz reportedly said that she was just so excited to work with Rob Marshall again after Nine but has she seen the Pirates movies? The last two were silly excuses for making a buck and robbing audiences everywhere of the chance to reason as they were full of plot holes, inconsistencies and some of the worst written dialogue this side of James Cameron.
Not cool Pe...not cool.
But just how awesome is this for Kiki on the other side? She's been away from the screens for quite a while and truth be told her acting chops haven't really been developed in the way we expected after her work with Sofia Coppola.
When I first heard rumors that she had been cast in a von Trier movie I was ecstatic thinking that she had been cast as the third lucky actress to play Grace in The U.S. of A trilogy and that Lars had finally gotten started on Wasington.
I mean aesthetically it would make total sense that Kiki be the successor to the vastly superior Nicole Kidman and the surprisingly good Bryce Dallas Howard right? (The red hair and virginal all American looks...)
Either way this project is still very much in my "must watch" list, while Pe just made the first post-Volver choice I'll probably be passing on.
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Castor said...

My condoleances Jose, very sorry to hear that.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

As Castor I'm very sorry, I know you love your Von Trier...but I really am not too bothered. I'm no fan of Von Triers myself, and eh maybe Pe is just what Jack Sparrow need to resurge (though I'm unsure why there needs to be a fourth film...)

J.D. said...

Well, considering it went Cruz --> GAINSBOURG --> Dunst...

Noecitos said...

I think Gainsbourg still has a smaller role in the film (according to Imdb she's the only actress in the film, though Imdb is not always very reliable...)

And I love, love, love Von Trier and the daring actresses that work with him. I think Dunst deserved an Oscar nomination for Marie Antoinette so I'm beyond excited for this film!!

Luke said...

Confession - I took me the entire post to realize what the title meant. I was just waiting for some kind of mention of Kirsten Dunst downloading pirated movies, and I didn't put it all together until that last paragraph. Fail for the day.

Jose said...

Castor: you've no idea how this broke my heart *sobs*

Andrew: Lars > Depp any day of the week. Damn Pe for thinking about Sparrow before thinking about my needs! Hahaha.

J.D.: I did not know that, I feel worse now.

Noecitos: I'm thrilled about Kiki too! I just can't even start to imagine what she'll look like all dirty and shot with natural light and all the crazy things Lars comes up with. Plus the whole cast is just so wonderful! The Skarsgards! About Marie I don't know, as I said I've never seen a Kiki performance that blew my mind away and the 2006 Actress race was pretty flawless as it was.

Luke: that's OK hehehe, I would've preferred to write about that actually...

Castor said...

If Anomalous Material had flags, I would fly them at half-staff for you ;)

Jose said...

That is so sweet Castor but keep them high for Kiki fans. This is going to be huge for her!