Monday, April 19, 2010

G-d Bless Photoshop!

And I mean that as a total compliment!
Everyone knows SJP isn't shiny and bronzed but the poster makes the movie look so deliciously decadent.
I don't know why people still have trouble acknowledging the fact that Sex and the City is a fantasy.

Hopefully the sequel will be as fabulous as the first film, apparently advance tickets sales are going quite well already (read more here).


Michael Parsons said...

I love that it is a fantasy, but I also liked how at the begining of the series there was talk about not having any money, or not being able to afford stuff. You know me, I like my fantasy grounded in a bit of reality.

Love this poster though.

Luke said...

Yay! I was pleasantly surprised by the first flick - I was awfully nervous they were going to go way over the top and lose the heart and soul of the ladies... but I was happy to see the opposite occurred. Glad to see the excitement brimming out there! :)

Jose said...

I sure know you do Michael but on SATC in particular I don't oppose the reason why it went out into full fantasy.
Planning anything for the premiere?

I'm pleased you like it Luke! Few men even acknowledge the existence of SATC. I'm sure this movie will turn out to be incredibly fun!