Friday, November 20, 2009


Lately I've been very into Joan Crawford. I still am surprised at how I always forget how much she suffered in her movies, as opposed to what a bitch I think she was whenever I randomly think of her.
Is there any other actress that causes this reaction? The moment I think of her eyebrows I get goosebumps and imagine her catfights with Bette Davis.
But the minute she opens up her mouth and that sweet voice comes out, all the notions of Faye Dunaway going hysterical simply vanish.
With that in mind I've found myself wondering a lot: what would Joan Crawford do? Because exactly out of this ambiguity found in her persona, you never know what solution she might present to everyday problems.
For case number one: If the man you are obsessed with refuses to fall for you. What would Joan Crawford do? Like she did in "Possessed", she married the next best thing and went insane trying to get her man.
While insanity might not be something all of us want to go for, Crawford earned a Best Actress Oscar nomination for this.
And what can get you laid and dating more than an Oscar nod? OK don't answer that...

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