Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Ten Movies That Defined My Decade.

With the end of the decade a mere month away, absolutely everyone has been delivering lists that comprise, or try to, the cinematic richness of the past ten years.
Even if most list makers are trying to establish what the best out of those movies made were, I have learned that delivering such definitive statements is not only egocentric but also useless.
Since they were created movies have been an oxymoron of sorts: group activities that turn into personal experiences.
Every time we enter a theater and sit there watching the projection on the screen with someone next to us, we're in a completely private world of our own.
It can be our wife, best friend, frenemy or complete stranger next to us, we're still leaving the cinema with a completely different perspective of what they just saw.
Therefore who am I to condemn someone for proclaiming "White Chicks" is the movie they will remember the aughts for?
With that in mind, my top ten list will not be about the best movies or even my favorites, but about those which will forever bring me memories of the post-Y2K craze.
I will write about one of those movies every day this week (click on the tag if you miss anything) I hope you will come along for the ride down memory lane with me and I'm dying to hear all about the ones that made the decade for you.

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