Sunday, November 22, 2009

My One and Only **

Director: Richard Loncraine
Cast: Renée Zellweger, Logan Lerman, Kevin Bacon
Mark Rendall, Nick Stahl, Chris Noth, Eric McCormack
J.C. MacKenzie, Robin Weigert, Steven Weber, Troy Garity

The life of actor George Hamilton gets Hollywood-ized in this biopic starring Lerman as a young George and Zellweger as his mother Anne Deveraux.
The film begins when Anne leaves her husband (a sympathetic Bacon) and takes George and half brother Robbie (Rendall whose gay character is forced to deliver cringe worthy one liners) across the country while she looks for a new husband to take care of them.
Deveraux who thinks she's "too good to work" often ends in awkward situations and her beaus include playboys, insane paint moguls and crazy military types.
But Zellweger grounds the movie with a performance that could've gone borderline, but stays on a sane, actually moving limit.
Several characters are forced to remind George that his mother loves him above everything else and truth is Zellweger embodies this beautifully.
Whether she's being mistaken for a prostitute or fighting her conservative sister (Weigert), the actress remains true to her character and never dares to judge Anne's reasons to do what she does.
And if she doesn't, how can we?

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