Friday, November 7, 2008

Random Prayer.

Please G-d, let this film be as good as these women deserve.


Michael Parsons said...

I will sk this ne more time and hopefully get an answer.....Fergie?

Nikola said...

whoa, what is this?

Michael Parsons said...

You've been tagged

Jose said...

Michael: hahaha don't be judgmental.
First go rent "8 1/2" and after you see the character she will be playing everything will click.
I hate Fergie as much as the next guy, but for me this is actually one of those casting decisions that you can't really complain about.

Nikola: "Nine" is a musical adaptation of Federico Fellini's magnificent "8 1/2".
This is the film version of the Broadway musical and the one film I'm dying to see next year, just look at that cast!

Nikola said...

I know, I think I just creamed my pants!