Thursday, November 27, 2008

Before the Day is Over...

It's time to say thanks for:
- The productive time in Miami movie wise.
- Cobb's Cine Bistro: I don't know if it was that great Margarita, the kind staff, those oh so comfy seats, or perhaps the fresh taste of every single pop corn (I'm not kidding, every single piece was perfection and I'm not even a pop corn person) that made this perhaps the best theater going experience of my life.
Then again perhaps it was "Australia"...
- Debra Winger and Rosemarie DeWitt in "Rachel Getting Married".
- Baz Luhrmann in Charlie Rose.
- Baz Luhrmann loving "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" just as much as I do.
- Baz Luhrmann himself!
- Cheap DVDs.
- The little girls in "I've Loved You So Long".

...and here's hoping the plane going home doesn't show "What Happens in Vegas" again.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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