Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ain't It the Truth?

''I just wish sometimes that we'd have more stuff like 'Doubt' in the summer, but that's against the laws of Hollywood.''
- Meryl Streep

The glorious Meryl Streep, who has had one of the greatest years of her career thanks to her "who would've guessed?" blockbuster star turn in "Mamma Mia" as well as her yet-to-be-seen, but sure-to-be-great role in "Doubt" might very well achieve the rarely seen double whammy of box office heroine and Oscar winner (number 3 for her) in one year.
Robert Downey Jr. was supposed to get it with "The Soloist" and "Iron Man" but well one of those went wrong.
Streep and Downey Jr. are both featured in "Entertainment Weekly"'s list of "Entertainers of the Year" along with other film, music, literature and television figures who remind us that 2008 has actually been an outstanding year for entertainment and arts.
And we're not even deep into Oscar season yet!

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