Saturday, November 8, 2008

Alphabet Meme.

I've been tagged by Sir Michael Parsons of "My Stuff and Cr*p" in this "name a film per letter" meme. Would surely make for a great drinking game...

But first here are the rules (I'll obviously skip number 6):

1. Pick one film to represent each letter of the alphabet.

2. The letter "A" and the word "The" do not count as the beginning of a film's title, unless the film is simply titled A or The, and I don't know of any films with those titles.

3. Return of the Jedi belongs under "R," not "S" as in Star Wars Episode IV: Return of the Jedi. This rule applies to all films in the original Star Warstrilogy; all that followed start with "S." Similarly, Raiders of the Lost Arkbelongs under "R," not "I" as in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Conversely, all films in the LOTR series belong under "L" and all films in theChronicles of Narnia series belong under "C," as that's what those filmmakers called their films from the start. In other words, movies are stuck with the titles their owners gave them at the time of their theatrical release. Use your better judgement to apply the above rule to any series/films not mentioned.

4. Films that start with a number are filed under the first letter of their number's word. 12 Monkeys would be filed under "T."

5. Link back to Blog Cabins in your post so that I can eventually type "alphabet meme" into Google and come up #1, then make a post where I declare that I am the King of Google.

6. If you're selected, you have to then select 5 more people.

Now, here are my films:

All About Eve
Double Indemnity
Far From Heaven
The Hours
The Incredibles
Judgment at Nuremberg
Kiss Me Kate
Love is a Many-Splendored Thing
Meet Me in St. Louis
The Others
Pride and Prejudice
Quantum of Solace
A Room With a View
Singin' in the Rain
Todo Sobre Mi Madre
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
The Virgin Spring
The Wizard of Oz
You Can't Take It With You


Michael Parsons said...

Ok, Ok, your list is a lot more impressive sounding then mine. I almost put Pride and Prejudice, but my love for Hayley Mills won out. And I almost put the least we started out similar ('Aliens' almost won)

Nikola said...

Yay for Evita, The Others, Pride & Prejudice and A Room With a View!

Plus, the list reminds me of some films I really wanna see!