Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sheet-y Saturday (Fave Posters of 2012)

In no particular order (both because I'm lazy and because I really like them all)

Portrayed the exuberance and joi de vivre the film teasd about having but ended up lacking. It's an image of pure joy captured in a single moment.

Merida gives her back to the world proving just how she's setting herself apart from all other Disney princesses. Brave move indeed.

After reading Pattinson and then Cronenber, you're like "wait, what?" but the matinee idol's look of quiet despair hooks you.

If ever a movie's visual idiosyncrasy was captured by its poster, it's this. 

You can not look at this and not giggle. If only the rest of the marketing campaign had been this Hitchcockian...

Saul Bass brilliance for a noble cause. 

It's like a flyer from an actual strip club. You just wanna do jello shots after looking at it.

Like the cover of a 70s exploitation movie or a bad paperback. 

Promises a mystery larger than what the movie actually contained. 

This redacted title with no movie star names, no "from Oscar winning director" and no release date might be the greatest movie poster of the year (maybe I did have a favorite). Simple, effective and haunting.

What were your faves this year?


Amir said...

I think it would be the poster for David Chase's Not Fade Away. One of the Spider Man posters with him on the wall and the shadow forming a spider was great too.
Those are just off the top of my head, but Not Fade Away is my favorite of the year for sure.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

"gives her back to the world"
That sounds....salacious.

In love with the sheer gorgeousness of "The Paperboy" poster. Cusack's creepy eyes at the bottom are just the right kick.