Monday, January 7, 2013

All That Glitters: or My Absolute Favorite Red Carpet Looks of 2012.

I tend to have very little patience/taste for shiny things but my favorite red carpet looks of 2012 - listed in no particular order- were all extremely shiny. From the moment I saw J.Law in this Prabal Gurung dress I knew we had found the movie star we had been craving for years. How she makes unattainable elegance and girl-next-door-ness feel so inseparable is one of her biggest mysteries. In this stunning sartorial creation she recalled her sure to be iconic Katniss Everdeen; in fact this dress is even more memorable than her fire gown from The Hunger Games.

I love Kylie Minogue and I love that she finally overcame that alleged curse of singers being terrible actresses. Not only did she stun in Holy Motors, she also defined the Cannes Film Festival glitz in this delicious Dolce & Gabbana creation. 

Why are Meryl Streep red carpet appearances the exact opposite of her movie roles? One always assures me quality, the other offers a problematic number of hit and misses, semi-decent picks or plain horrors. It was a relief to see the Queen of the movies arrive in this luscious liquid gold Lanvin when she attended the Oscars in early 2012. Not only was she age appropriate and elegant (something hard to pull off with so much glitz) she also seemed to be predicting the golden accessory she would leave with that night.

Diane Kruger is a goddess. Diane Kruger can do no wrong. Diane Kruger is perfection. This Vivienne Westwood she wore - to watch Amour of all things - is so heavenly that I want to stare at pictures of her in it forever.

Were you paying attention to the red carpets last year? Who were some of your favorites?

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