Sunday, June 3, 2012

Style Sunday.

Whatever Naomi Watts is up to lately, she should keep doing it! After looking breathtaking during the Cannes Film Festival, she strikes back with a perfect look to attend the Women if the Year awards. This Versace floor length dress hugs Naomi beautifully but the best part might just be her effortless hairstyling. She looks like a Greek goddess getting up from a nap.

Speaking of goddesses, how delicious is Charlize Theron in this Dior Haute Couture cocktail dress? That she's not even wearing any jewelry or heavy makeup speaks tons of how much she trusted the dress to do all the important talking.

Which of these two blonde bombshells is your favorite?


Robert said...

Oh my god, Naomi is perfect in that dress.

Runs Like A Gay said...

I definitely prefer Naomi's dress.

Partly because whe looks absolutely gorgeous and partly because the slit in the Dior number looks like Charlize it lifting the hem to have a good scratch.